My name is Whitney, and I am a small animal veterinarian. For many years, my friends and colleagues have laughed at the stories I’ve shared about my experiences in veterinary medicine.  Everyone keeps telling me I should write a book, but I’ve always been really hesitant because pets can be a touchy subject.  It is easy to sound jaded and judgmental when sharing patient cases, and it would never be my intention to sound hateful with regard to the medicine I practice.  Of course I understand that having a sick pet is very stressful, and it is natural for everyone to handle stress in their own ways. With that said, this blog contains stories from my experiences.  The idea is to shed light on some of the crazy cases, people, pets I’ve encountered along the way, and, of course, to make you (the reader) laugh.  Please note, the patient’s names have been changed to protect their identity and shelter them from any embarrassment.